Friday, 30 August 2013

The surreal animal sculptures of Ellen Jewett

Ellen Jewett is a Canadian sculptor who makes surreal and occasionally hyper-realistic sculptures in which living creatures and other materials are woven together. She says that her work has 'always been about life; biological narratives, emotions, movement, balance and observations about life's subtleties and overtures'.

I'm not sure exactly what her base sculpture media is but I assume it to be some form of air drying clay. She describes her materials simply as 'mixed media'.

CUSTOM ORDER- Personal Creature

In 2007 Ellen completed her post-secondary education with honours in Biological Anthropology and Fine Art from McMaster University. She hit the ground running and became a full-time studio artist without pause. As a lover of life and the mechanisms of both art and nature, Ellen continues to supplement her knowledge with professional courses and apprenticeships. She aspires to pursue graduate work in anthrozoology whilst maintaining her life as a studio artist.


Visit her website and see lots more sculptures here. And, if you have some spare cash (and how I wish I did!), her work is surprisingly affordable. See here for details.

Thanks to my brother Si for bringing her work to my attention.

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