Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Thursday Guest Blogger - Andy Kerr

Welcome to this week's Thursday guest blog, an occasional series of discussions, opinion pieces and reviews. This week it's home maker, charity fundraiser and all-round good egg, Mr Andy Kerr. Enjoy.


Be Sweet & Retweet a Charity's Tweet

Each day on Twitter there are 340 million tweets!

There will be people Chit-chatting, playing hash-tag games, tweeting their favorite celebrities in the hope of a mention or follow and in amongst all these millions of tweets there are people wanting your help!


Now before you get all panicky, I should write this is not about you donating anything.....well except one thing that is.... I would like to put forward the idea or notion that each day you should "donate" one Tweet in the form of an RT to help support someone who is taking part in a charity fundraising event or to promote Tweeters like Stevyn Colgan, who is looking for pledges for his new book. A simple enough idea which sadly I don't see enough of.

Twitter used to have a lovely wee community feel to it when I first joined in early 2009. But now it all seems to be a numbers game.

How many followers do I have?

How many Retweets did that tweet get?

How many people have Favorited my tweets?

Now I don't want to be a party-pooper and say you must only Tweet or RT stuff about charities or helping people. Hell no. I've typed my fair share of good and bad jokes on Twitter! I've even tweeted a celebrity or few in the hope they'll tweet back. I don't want to take the fun out of Twitter, what I want to do is put back the community spirit into Twitter; a Community Spirit where we RT a Tweet from a fellow follower who is walking/running or hopping for charity rather than scanning past the Tweet to see what a celebrity is up to today.

Someone asked me why they should they should RT a charity tweet, because they felt they might not be real. Now in the light of a Twitter scandal where a Tweeter wasn't all they claimed to be and allegedly took money from fellow followers, I better address what you should do if you wish to donate to someone on Twitter. Only donate to the charity or fundraiser via or The Fundraising Tweeter should have a charity page set up at either one of these places if they are legitimate. The same goes for Pledges for Stevyn Colgan's new book

Tweeting is a fun thing to do and can only be enhanced by RTing more charity and support for other's tweets. You might think 'How can ONE TWEET ever help someone?' I would say to that, ONE TWEET might be all they need to help them. If you donate one Tweet each day, that would add up to 365 Tweets in a year ... and that is a lot of help to give someone.

Check your followers to see if someone has a fundraising event coming up and give them an RT (maybe even a donation too).

Thank you

Love Andy (@Support_Charity) xxx


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