Saturday 23 February 2013

Some websites you should visit

Every week I scan through a great many websites in the search for the fascinating, interesting and downright weird. Here are some recent finds that I'm delighted to share with you.

First up, we have Tuesday Johnson's Historical Indulgences or, as he describes it: 'A collection of vernacular photography and ephemera focused mainly within the curious and often misunderstood realm of 19th century America. I have a soft spot for all things silly, antiquated, macabre, and grotesque.' Here's a sample:

ca. 1896, cross-dressing gentleman

ca. 1820

Here's another great site - Bombsight by the University of Portsmouth - that shows the location of every bomb that fell on the UK during WW2. It brings the horror of the Blitz to sudden reality.

Then there's Discovering Dad, a never less than fascinating trawl through the cupboards, drawers and storage boxes of Terry Gilliam by his daughter Holly:

More soon.

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