Saturday, 9 February 2013

Salon at Foyles

On Thursday 7th I took part in the first Salon event of 2013 at one of London's best-loved (and few remaining) bookshops - Foyles. This was a special Salon too as it was awards night; specifically the Transmission Prize for the Communication of Ideas, sponsored by Aeon magazine.

Salon itself is a wonderful thing; regular get-togethers of inspiring speakers, glamorous hostesses, and a clever, curious audience ready for a thought-provoking, convivial evening in wonderful intimate settings.

Coaxed along by some splendid gin cocktails expertly mixed for us by Hendricks, the evening featured a bibliotherapy sesssion between Ella Berthoud and Damian Barr, a talk by me, and then the awards themselves.

A wonderful evening in the company of lovely people. Full set of photographs from the night here.

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