Wednesday 30 November 2011

The Creepy Portrait Art Challenge - The Results

So here they are ... the weird and the wonderful, the insane and the unhinged; the fantastic photos that were submitted to me for the Creepy Portrait Art Challenge. As you know, I wanted at least 12 separate eccentric family portraits for a book project I'm currently working on. Sadly, there were very few submissions but those I did get in were SUPERB, as you'll see. I intend to use them all. We kick off with this slice of scary pie from Andy Kerr:

Then we have this from Cheryl Lancaster:

An uncomfortable portrait by Phillip Groombridge:

And Rob (@gigerpunk) sent me this image of manly splendour:

Finally, a veritable cornucopia of mad images from the damaged minds of Mo McFarland and Caroline V (@amberprophet):

They really are brilliant, every single one. And deeply disturbing for all the right reasons. Thank you people. Magnificent effort all round.

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