Saturday, 23 February 2013

The Worst Tattoo in the World got Fixed

A heartwarming story for a change.

I bet you've seen this photo before, often labelled as 'the worst tattoo in the world.' It belongs to a doubly unfortunate chap called Chad Stahl; doubly because his wife died tragically young in a house fire and because, on the first anniversary of her death, some oaf with a needle inflicted this shameful ink on his arm.

But, now, six years on, his ordeal is over. Scott Versago of Empire Ink in Akron, Ohio, has done an amazing job fixing the bodged tattoo. And, after hearing Stahl’s story, Versago did the job for free.

I love a happy ending. This might just be the most uplifting story you read on the Internet this weekend. Unless there's a better story invoving kittens.

(Via Geekosystem. Image courtesy of Scott Versago)

And while we're talking tattoos, how about this one? Here's a guy who decided that it's better to embrace and even advertise his injury rather than hide it. Good for him.

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