Saturday, 23 June 2012

I've brought you my sample ...

Okay. I need to get some more people pledging on my new book Constable Colgan's Connectoscope. And it strikes me that one of the reasons people may be reticent is because it's money up-front without seeing the product. Unlike a bookshop, there's no facility to pick a book up and have a flick through it. Well ... now there is.

In an effort to persuade you to give up a little of your hard-earned, stolen or tax-avoided cash, I'm giving you the first two chapters, as a sample, for free. Yup. free. No catches. No sign-up. No spam.

Click on the image above and you'll get a PDF of the first two chapters (if that doesn't work, click here). Have a read through. And, if you like it, consider investing in the whole bally book.
Now go pledge!

Oh, and if you want to know more about the whole crowd-funded publishing experience, do have a read of these articles by three of my fellow Unbound authors:

On the perils of crowd-funded publishing by Katy Brand

Pieces of Light by Charles Fernyhough (also this excellent blogpost)

News from Gardenia is Go! by Robert Llewellyn

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