Wednesday 1 May 2013

Bucking Brilliant!

I spent a very nice afternoon at Buckinghamshire New University today. I was giving a talk to second and third year psychology students and then watching some of them give presentations of their dissertation proposals. Very, very interesting subject matter and very well presented. I also had to act as a judge to award a prize to what I considered the best. Deciding 'best' was impossible as they were all so different but I had to choose one ... so I went for the one that really impressed me the most - An interpretive phenomenological analysis of a mother's experience of applied behavioural analysis by Emily Stretch (seen on my immediate left).

The other excellent presentations were by Mike Parsons, Kimberley Dancer, Sammie Bull, Vicky Mullan, Sophie Rogers and Kaylie Davis.

We're constantly being told that the 'youth of today' is feckless, lazy and violent. Spending a day with young people like this restores my faith in society.

Well done everyone!

And thanks again to Matthew Smith and Ciaran O'Keeffe for inviting me.

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