Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Another Goodbye ... and another Hello!

I've kept a blog for 10 years now. My very first blogpost (here) was about big pants. Since then we've discussed everything from the existence of god to the joy of art and from the possibility of alien life to the inevitability of getting drunk.

I kept that blog going until 2011 when the site became so full and clunky that I shut the doors and migrated to this blog where I've been ever since.

But now this one is getting clunky too so I've decided to move once again.

My new blog COLGANWRITES is here.

I also have a Wordpress site here but it won't be used for much other than storage.

I will, of course, leave all of my bloggage from 2006 to 2015 online as an archive.

Do join me at the new place.

Tiffin is served.

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