Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Wow. Wow. And thrice wow.

After I posted my New Year message in the shed yesterday things went decidedly barmy ... but in a good way, you understand, not in a monkey with a machine gun sort-of way. The Connectoscope is fully funded! A virtual avalanche of pledges, coupled with Christmas orders and some pledges from the most recent live event pushed me over the finishing line just in time for all that weird Scottish folk singing and crossed-shaking-arms business. I am absolutely astounded. What a great start to 2013! What with working on QI and the Museum of Curiosity this spring and summer, I was already expecting to have a great year, but this is the canine's nads, it really is.

So ... 'What happens now?' I seem to hear you ask through the fug of hangover. Well, the good news is that - unlike some of the books on Unbound - mine is already written. Therefore, all that needs to be done is some proofreading and double-checking, some cover designing and typesetting and then it's off to the printers to make your delicious hardbacks and e-books. The paperback will go into the shops later. I'm also going to record the audiobook this month so that will be available and FREE to all of you, no matter what level you pledged at.

Now, I haven't discussed deadlines with Unbound - I imagine they're all feeling 'tired and emotional' today having seen three books smash through the 100% funding barrier yesterday (Well done Jess and Kevin!). But I reckon it's not unrealistic to say that the book will be ready fairly soon.

So, once again, thank you so much for helping to make the Connectoscope a reality. I really could not have done it without every single one of you.


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  1. Julian (OnewordTF)4 January 2013 at 09:09

    This is great news! Look forward to reading when all's ready. Christmas continues :)