Thursday 25 October 2012

The 2012 Halloween Art Challenge

Last year's art challenge was such good fun I thought we'd have another go this year. If you didn't see last year's entries, you can see them all here plus a spooky slideshow that my friends Steve Hills and Terry Bergin put together.

This year the theme is Your Worst Nightmare. What I want from you is a piece of artwork that shows me what scares you the most; it can be a drawing, a painting, a sculpture, a collage, photograph ... anything that explains your deepest fears. Clowns ... spiders ... crazed axemen ... Bruce Forsyth naked ... whatever your worst fear is, show it to the world.

As usual there will be postcard doodles - a subject of your choice drawn by me - for everyone who enters. And there will be a prize for my favourite - I've doodled this weird A3-sized Dracula-like thing and put it in a tacky plastic frame I found down the charity shop:

Sorry - it was really hard to get a good photo behind that shiny plastic.

Anyway, send your pics to me by email: or via Twitter - I'm @stevyncolgan and make sure you add the hashtag #halloweenartchallenge

Closing date is Midnight GMT on Tuesday 30th October.

Freak out and get creative!

Image (c) Stevyn Colgan

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  1. I do hope "Colgan's Halloween Challenge" will be an annual tradition!

    Good, fun way to get people's brain into spooky creative mode.