Thursday, 24 April 2014

QED Squeeeeee!

Well, QEDCon was as amazing as ever this year. And the pressure was off for me as I wasn't speaking. In fact, the sum total of my involvement - apart from lots of drinking and meeting and greeting old friends etc. - was appearing on the InKredulous podcast panel show with Robert Llewellyn, Andy Zaltzman and Michael 'Marsh' Marshall.

Tremendous fun and hosted brilliantly, as ever, by Andy Wilson and his saxophone. You can listen to the episode by clicking here.

The event was hosted excellently by magician Paul Zenon and boasted a gaggle of amazing speakers including Professor Richard Wiseman and the aforementioned Mr Llewellyn. There were also a number of speakers I was less familiar with but they were all universally interesting.

The intro video to QEDCon is always a treat every year and, for 2014, the bar was set very high indeed. But judge for yourself ...

Roll on QEDCon2015!

Photos (c) by Dave Hughes and Rob McDermott. Lots more on the QEDCon2014 Flickr stream here.

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