Thursday, 14 March 2013

Some stories you might have missed ...

I spend half my waking life researching and reading. Some of it ends up in QI, some in The Museum of Curiosity, some in my books. But some facts don't fit in any of those things ... but are still too interesting not to make a note of or share. So here are some that have caught my attention recently.

Click here to read about Jacques Benoit - The man who tried to invent a telegraph using telepathic snails. no. Really.

Want to be taken to an utterly useless website? Then click here.

Artist Neil Harbisson is completely colour-blind. But thanks to a very clever device, he can now 'hear' colour. Read the story here.

Read about wind-powered bamboo 'tumbleweeds' for clearing minefields here.

Internet archive of Omni Magazine here.

Ten amazing women you might have never heard of - so you should look here.

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